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The practice in Long Island City, NYC for concierge dental service.
We provide a fully integrated experience, accepting of medical alongside dental insurances.
Expect the best coordination of comprehensive dental and healthcare like no other.

About Us

We are 100% independent.
We are 100% with you.
We are 100% for you.

Let us take a moment to dive into this. 

The mission of our practice is to create an artisanal, boutique, and concierge dental experience. As a 100% independently owned practice, we are committed to providing customized solutions not subject to external marketing or management pressures. 

We do this as using a fully integrated model – not only in how we approach our cases, but even in how we coordinate with medical insurances to provide a superb medical experience.

Arbor: A Dental Concept is a low-volume concierge practice providing comprehensive dental care under the rare model of master clinicians. To complement general dentistry, we bring orthodontics (braces and aligners), implants and regenerative oral surgery, periodontal services, and cosmetic treatments into a holistic plan. More than anything, this practice was designed to provide patients with a full consultative experience and creating lifelong relationships – allowing you to find a permanent dental home with us. 

We build trust instead of transactions. We learn who you are, where you are coming from. We validate your history and experiences. We craft an understanding of who you want to be and  where you want to go. 

As your guide, we support you the entire way. We create a personalized road map and schedule. We’ll discuss how we can make your dental journey smooth and rewarding, just like many past journeys your peers have taken. Along the way, we’ll follow up to make sure you’re always moving towards your destination. 

Over the years, our unique blend of concierge care and dental mastery has touched thousands of lives through a deep commitment to everyone’s dental journey. We’d love to show you a totally new dental concept, where the future of medicine intersects with the timelessness of amazing service in a practice that is 100% focused on you.

Thanks for choosing Arbor. 

Steven Lin, DMD, FAGD
Creator and Director

8+ Years



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During our consultation, we'll ask you what your goals are. Then, we'll advise and help you choose the most meaningful plan for you.

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We guarantee you'll love the journey and the support along the way as much as the results.


Our Dental Portfolio

Whether you want to align your teeth, reconstruct missing teeth, or discuss personal dental needs, we're committed to being 100% free of commercial or marketing biases in our recommendations, focusing only on discussing the best options for you. We don't sell you on products - we deliver on science.

We're committed to being a true, 100% private practice. By staying independent, we provide you with specialized combinations of solutions that may not be possible in other settings, allowing you to fully benefit from our deep knowledge and guidance.

Full Comprehensive Dentistry

Trust us to deliver results beyond general dentistry. We combine multiple disciplines (some of them listed below) to create a custom project using advanced technique combinations. We create a structured, interactive experience encouraging you to contribute your goals to the conversation as we work towards delivering a meaningful result.

Complete 3D rendered plans

By incorporating cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and a intraoral scanner (iTero®), expect to visualize your health like never before. Look beyond your teeth to explore your whole orofacial system including temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and airway health, and gain an appreciate of your personal health through accurate high-resolution rendering and artificial intelligence (AI) analysis.

Biomimetic adhesive dentistry

When every tooth is unique, there is nothing further from the truth than "just a simple filling." A biomimetically restored option is an anatomically faithful reproduction of a tooth, both structurally and cosmetically. Let us show you how our experience of restoring thousands upon thousands of teeth using unique biomimetic protocols has spared countless teeth from unnecessary root canal and crown treatments following the principles of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry.

Cosmetic crowns, veneers, and bonding

When you are ready to redefine your smile, we are ready to guide you on this transformative journey with you. We follow principles taught by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and working in partnership with a custom Certified Dental Technician every time, providing results which conform to your expectations.

Orthodontics (aligners and braces)

We're experienced in both discreet teeth straightening through invisible aligners (Invisalign®, Straumann ClearCorrect®) and tackling highly challenging cases through braces. Our experience allows us to deliver orthodontic care for the discerning patient following the standards of the American Board of Orthodontics, complete with cephalometric and mathematical analysis.

dental implants

Dental implants are the closest thing to regeneration. When a tooth is lost, an implant helps you chew better and smile more naturally - and prolongs your health. Our dental implant surgical experience combines guided regenerative solutions and sinus lifts for the more complex cases to deliver the most exceptional results. We utilize fully genuine workflows for quality custom results.

Periodontal grafting

Beyond maintaining gum and teeth health, periodontal augmentation procedures such as gum grafts rejuvenate both appearances aesthetically and also enhances the foundational health of the oral cavity. Modern grafting techniques, such as the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique, can deliver results comfortably and predictably, enhancing structural health and cosmetics.

looking for other services?

From 3D-guided root canal treatments to removal of wisdom teeth, it's simply not possible to list all the services we are experienced and proud to provide. To request information, simply book a consultation with us and let us know what services you would like for us to discuss with you.



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