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Invisalign is more than just an alternative to traditional braces. It is a solution for anyone wishing to align teeth in a discreet way using a sequence of custom-printed aligners (“trays”) which move teeth comfortable and predictable. In addition to amazing cosmetic enhancements, Invisalign can resolve many common orthodontic issues such as TMJ disorders or jaw aches, crowded teeth, and uncomfortable bites. Invisalign is therefore a cosmetic and health enhancement.

At Arbor, our doctor has personally overseen from start to completion of 100+ Invisalign cases, as well as having completed advanced Invisalign training from the American Academy of Clear Aligners and currently completing a 384-hour curriculum in comprehensive orthodontics.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants bring cosmetic and chewing benefits to those who may have lost teeth or were missing teeth from birth. With implants, individuals no longer need bridges or dentures. At Arbor, we carefully design an implant plan using modern diagnostic techniques: cone-beam computed tomography supplemented by intraoral scans to create a fully digitally-guided advanced implant experience. By integrating advanced technology with wholesome scientific understanding of facial anatomy, we’re committed to making dental implants a safe and easy process for all.

At Arborour doctor has completed over 300 optional post-graduate curriculum hours in comprehensive dental implantology, upholding a high standard to implant science and safety,

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Integrated Cosmetic Dentistry

Our integrated approach to cosmetic dentistry truly differentiates Arbor.  By combining different treatment modalities – Invisalign, implants, crowns, veneers, bonding, and/or whitening – we can completely customize and transform a smile to your preferences. We recognize that every procedure has its limitations, but when used in the right combinations and sequences, a custom workflow is established. A fully cosmetic dentistry project is ideal for those who are serious about presenting their best image, and wish to complement health with a cosmetic investment. 

At Arbor, our doctor’s unique portfolio of cosmetic dentistry training includes cosmetic bonding apprenticeship in the rare Style Italiano tradition, reflecting thousands of hours of artistic mastership. We are also proud to be a certified Digital Smile Designer, and our cosmetic veneer designs are matched to individuals’ unique facial anatomies for a completely customized smile design.

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