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Words from our creator and director, Dr. Steven Lin

This is an aspirational practice

Teeth reflect more than health. They relate your health to your total wellbeing – emotionally as well as physically. Yet, dentistry is often presented as a question of cosmetic vs. urgent care.

I wish to fundamentally redefine the concept of a modern dental practice to tackle this question. It begins with redefining the doctor-patient relationship.

Holistic wellness means providing everyone with a comprehensive personalized project. To the contrary, the patient is often treated as a retail customer. Options are given, and the customer chooses. A transactional relationship is established, and the day moves on. The pressures of the modern workplace and lifestyle only worsen this model.

Instead, I envision a relationship where the patient is the client, the doctor is the tutor, and the practice is our study. As a private client, you have the privilege to share your opinions, which may be deeply personal and unique to your wellbeing. As your tutor and educator, I have the responsibility to guide you toward a solution, while committing myself to the acquisition and application of new knowledge. The shared study becomes our place for discourse, ideation, strategizing, and finally, action. Our relationship is cyclical instead of linear; rather than simply you receive what I deliver, we learn how to create value for one another over the course of years, or our lifetime.

I invite you to share with me your aspirations. 

Dr. Steven Lin


Steven Lin, DMD, FAGD

There is not one single way to treat all dental needs. To treat someone as an individual, I bring a unique set of skills to customize each and every smile. 

My expertise is integrating the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) to improve your health comprehensively. At Arbor: A Dental Concept, you can expect superior diagnostics and treatment visualizations through our CT and intraoral iTero scanner. Using AI, I am passionate about personalized enrichment and education, through creating visual step-by-step explanations of all aspect of dental care as they relate to your total health. In addition to digital orthodontics (Invisalign), teeth replacement (implants), and cosmetic dental procedures (veneers and whitening), I harnesses AI to address total health concerns such as sleep apnea (CPAP alternatives), dental risk factors (DNA and biologic swab sampling), and oral cancer risks (AI statistical screening). 

To achieve lasting results, I incorporate techniques not conventionally offered. One such unique combination is crafting biomimetic composite restorations in the rare Style Italiano tradition, a combination of structural engineering and artistic mastership after thousands of hours of dedicated practice and apprenticeship. I am attentive to beauty as the motivation for restoring the natural and healthy state in an artisanal, craft-like manner. I create a digitally-integrated experience, analyzing data critically to design the ideal plan using mathematical predictive models. It is with firm commitment to the science of dental care that I feel confident in making every recommendation.

I am also skilled in treating and managing dental emergencies, having a strong background in root canal treatments and removal of wisdom teeth. I am a strong advocate for treatment options which minimize harm, and have invested heavily in specialized tools such as ultrasonic surgical tools which create a substantially more comfortable experience for some of the most difficult procedures. Besides resolving pain, I am committed to providing further guidance to minimize the chances of future emergencies and move towards a preventative model of care. 

I am a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry (limited to 6% of general dentists),  completing advanced Invisalign training from the American Academy of Clear Aligners, satisfying more than 300 curriculum hours in dental implantology from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and mastering cosmetic dental treatments as evidenced by a Digital Smile Design Certification. I hold undergraduate degrees from the University of North Carolina and the National University of Singapore, and my doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. I am a proud recipient of prestigious State Department fellowships for advanced language studies in Japan, furthering my commitment to sourcing and applying global dental innovations.

Always striving to educate myself to bring more value to my community, I am currently completing a 384-hour comprehensive orthodontics curriculum. 

Outside of practice, I continue to support community health, having pursued clinical training in Botswana, Africa and Barrow, Alaska. For years, I attended to the needs of remote populations in rural Alaska, before creating this practice focusing on esthetic dental wellness. I enjoy bringing a tradition of global community and service with a commitment to your personalized goals.

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